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Amharic Typing Amharic has more than 250 different characters including numbers and symbols. Typing Amharic characters using Latin keyboard is a bit tricky and it requires Keyboard Transliteration program. uses its own Keyboard Transliteration system; a simple but powerful program which enables users to type Amharic online without any keyboard mapping software. Amharic morphology is taken into consideration while choosing key combinations during the software development. How to type Amharic The online Amharic Typing program used through out web applications and its affiliate websites is developed to be simple to use and works on all major browsers and small devices. It is fast, consistent and simple to use.
ዳዊት => dawit
ፍርቃን => frqan
ኢትዮጵያ => ityoPiya
አበበ => ebebe
ኢ => i
ጵ => P capital
ኬሻ => keesha
ኬ =>kee
ሻ =>shaa